Raising the standard

APG’s unique GT-2A airborne gravimeters are the latest in the line of successful dynamic gravity systems designed and manufactured by the award-winning gravimetric technologists Yuri Smoller (Chief Engineer) and Sam Jurist (Chief Scientist). These distinguished scientists received Russia’s top award for science and engineering from Boris Yeltsin in 1995 for their work in mobile gravimetry. The GT-2A, introduced in 2008, is based on 7 years of operational experience with its successful predecessor, the GT-1A.

“With a proven record for quality and reliability, and with consistent performance and fully automatic operations for mobile gravimetric measurements, the GT-2A is truly state-of-the-art technology.”

The GT-2A has significant enhancements, including increased sensitivity and a wider dynamic range which allows more precise measurements and reliable performance in periods of high turbulence. The GT-2A offers:

  • Aircraft-independent operations
  • Fully automated recording
  • In-field Quality Control
  • In-field production of preliminary free-air gravity maps

Data collected by the GT-2A is monitored daily for adherence to strict internationally recognized QC standards for airborne gravity measurements. In-field QC is fundamental to delivering the highest fidelity data. APG implements a dedicated “open door” Quality Control procedure on all of its projects by utilizing independent QC specialists and an array of data QC indicators.

An Integrated Approach

In addition to providing its specialist services in airborne potential field data, APG also has a network of alliances that allows us to provide additional airborne or ground data, including EM, MT, radiometrics, and remote sensing data. APG can also bring experienced seismic and potential field interpretation specialists to focus on your exploration problem.